Master Universe Almanac is a resource for revelation students and other interested people.  The Urantia Book is the primary source for its data. 

The presenters of the book, the revelators, have passed along a great deal of information.  Their narrative is packed with details about matter, mind, spirit, and personality throughout the master universe.  376 times, they condensed data into numbered lists containing essential points to study and learn.  The Almanac is a ready reference of lists, tables, and charts which faithfully reflect the Urantia Book's information.   Each dataset in the Almanac is referenced to its origin in the text.  Follow reference-links to examine the data in context and in more detail. 

If you discover a difference between what is here and what is in the Urantia Papers, side with the papers, and please let me know.

Sincere thanks to the individuals and groups who have added to the compilation of this reference. 

The pattern for the almanac is fairly well established but the work is not complete.  Your suggestions and comments are very welcome.  Submissions of content will be considered for inclusion. 

Enjoy your voyage on the seas of revelation.


David Neufer
Almanac Editor
almed (at) masteruniverse.org

on the Mount of Olives


Please note that throughout the Almanac, Editor's notes are in GREEN.