From Paper 81
  Development of Modern Civilization
one million years of mankind
Current Classes
Class mixtures
"As contact is made with the dawn of historic times, all of Eurasia, northern Africa, and the Pacific Islands is overspread with the composite races of mankind. And these races of today have resulted from a blending and reblending of the five basic human stocks of Urantia."   81:4.1 

Paper 81  Development of Modern Civilization
Section 4  The Mixed Races

Editor's Note: To 21st Century ears, some terms used in this section may sound dischordant. Yet, these are terms used until fairly recently to describe our biological groupings. The current point of view on this is that there has been so much blending that generalizing groups is not necessary and may do harm. We know from our Urantia studies, that "blending and reblending" is the normal progression for a planet and this will eventually lead to a point where racial distinctions will be minimal. If the revelators were communicating the papers today, they likely would choose different words in places to pass along identical information.

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