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Paradise Isle Domains
  Domain Activities
1. Upper Paradise Personal
2. Peripheral Paradise Not strictly personal or nonpersonal
3. Nether Paradise Nonpersonal

"We speak of that surface of Paradise which is occupied with personality activities as the upper side, and the opposite surface as the nether side. The periphery of Paradise provides for activities that are not strictly personal or nonpersonal."

Paper 11  The Eternal Isle of Paradise
Section 2  Nature of the Eternal Isle
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Paradise Holy Area Residences
  Holy Area > Zone 2 of 7 > 1 Sector of 7
These Residences: Compose:
1,000,000,000 organized working groups  1 unit
1,000 units  1 division
100,000 divisions  1 congregation
10,000,000 congregations  1 assembly
1,000,000,000 assemblies  1 grand unit
7 grand units  1 master unit
7 master units  1 superior unit
7 superior units  1 supersuperior unit
7 supersuperior units  1 celestial unit
7 celestial units  1 supercelestial unit
7 supercelestial units  1 supreme unit

"The Holy Area, the outlying or residential region, is divided into seven concentric zones. Paradise is sometimes called “the Father’s House” since it is his eternal residence, and these seven zones are often designated “the Father’s Paradise mansions.” The inner or first zone is occupied by Paradise Citizens and the natives of Havona who may chance to be dwelling on Paradise. The next or second zone is the residential area of the natives of the seven superuniverses of time and space. This second zone is in part subdivided into seven immense divisions, the Paradise home of the spirit beings and ascendant creatures who hail from the universes of evolutionary progression. Each of these sectors is exclusively dedicated to the welfare and advancement of the personalities of a single superuniverse, but these facilities are almost infinitely beyond the requirements of the present seven superuniverses."  11:3.3


Paper 11  The Eternal Isle of Paradise

Section 3  Upper Paradise
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Sacred Worlds of the Father
World Name Bosom of:
One Divinington the Father
Two Sonarington the Son
Three Spiritington the Spirit
Four Vicegerington the Father and the Son
Five Solitarington the Father and the Spirit
Six Seraphington the Son and the Spirit
Seven Ascendington the Father, Son, and Spirit

"The seven secret spheres of the Universal Father, circulating about Paradise in close proximity to the eternal Isle, are highly reflective of the spiritual luminosity of the central shining of the eternal Deities, shedding this light of divine glory throughout Paradise and even upon the seven circuits of Havona."

Paper 13  The Sacred Spheres of Paradise
Section 1  The Seven Sacred Worlds of the Father
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The Master Universe
space Levels Encircling Paradise
1. The Central Universe — Havona  
2. The Seven Superuniverses  
3. The First Outer Space Level  
4. The Second Outer Space Level  
5. The Third Outer Space Level  
6. The Fourth and Outermost Space Level  

"Proceeding outward from Paradise through the horizontal extension of pervaded space, the master universe is existent in six concentric ellipses, the space levels encircling the central Isle:"

Paper 12  The Universe of Universes
Section 1  Space Levels of the Master Universe
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Architects of the Master Universe
Level Number
1 The Paradise Level 1
2 The Havona Level 3
3 The Superuniverse Level 7
4 The Primary Space Level 70
5 The Secondary Space Level 490
6 The Tertiary Space Level 3,430
7 The Quartan Space Level 24,010
Total   28,011

"The Architects of the Master Universe are the governing corps of the Paradise Transcendentalers. This governing corps numbers 28,011 personalities possessing master minds, superb spirits, and supernal absonites. The presiding officer of this magnificent group, the senior Master Architect, is the co-ordinating head of all Paradise intelligences below the level of Deity."

Paper 31  The Corps of the Finality
Section 9  Architects of the Master Universe
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The Paradise-Havona System
Seven space Conditions and Motions [1]
1. The quiescent midspace zones impinging on Paradise.
2. The clockwise processional of the three Paradise and the seven Havona circuits.
3. The semiquiet space zone separating the Havona circuits from the dark gravity bodies of the central universe.
4. The inner, counterclockwise-moving belt of the dark gravity bodies.
5. The second unique space zone dividing the two space paths of the dark gravity bodies.
6. The outer belt of dark gravity bodies, revolving clockwise around Paradise.
7. A third space zone — a semiquiet zone — separating the outer belt of dark gravity bodies from the innermost circuits of the seven superuniverses.
[1]  "From the periphery of Paradise to the inner borders of the seven superuniverses..."

Paper 14  The Central and Divine Universe
Section 1  The Paradise-Havona System
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Dark Gravity Belts - Ratios
Zone Diameter Base Size Scenarios
Space Zone  [1]   [3] [4]  
Inner Dark
Gravity Belts
Inner Tube 1/3 x 1.67 in 1.67 mm
Middle Tube 2/3 x 3.33 in 3.33 mm
Outer Tube x 5 in 5.00 mm
Unique Space Zone "enormous wave movements
of an up-and-down nature..."
"permeated by tremendous energy
 activities of an unknown order."
Outer Dark
Gravity Belt
Up Down 10,000 x 4167 ft 50 meters
Transverse 1/5 x 1 in 1 mm
Space Zone  [2]        
[1]  This is the space zone between the Havona worlds and the inner dark gravity bodies.

  This is the space zone between the outer dark gravity bodies and the superuniverse level. 

[3]   Diameters for the concentric bodies are assumed as a starting point but not specified in the text.

  The base sizes - 1 inch and 1 mm are used to illustrate structural proportions, not actual sizes.  Proportions are indicated in the passage below.

"The inner procession of dark gravity bodies is tubular in arrangement, consisting of three circular groupings. A cross section of this circuit would exhibit three concentric circles of about equal density. The outer circuit of dark gravity bodies is arranged perpendicularly, being ten thousand times higher than the inner circuit. The up-and-down diameter of the outer circuit is fifty thousand times that of the transverse diameter."


Paper 14 The Central and Divine Universe
Section 1  The Paradise-Havona System
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Sources of Confusion for Urantian Star Observers
Multiple Revolutionary Movements
1 The revolution of Urantia around its sun.
2 The circuit of your solar system about the nucleus of the former Andronover nebula.
3 The rotation of the Andronover stellar family and the associated clusters about the composite rotation-gravity center of the star cloud of Nebadon.
4 The swing of the local star cloud of Nebadon and its associated creations around the Sagittarius center of their minor sector.
5 The rotation of the one hundred minor sectors, including Sagittarius, about their major sector.
6 The whirl of the ten major sectors, the so-called star drifts, about the Uversa headquarters of Orvonton.
7 The movement of Orvonton and six associated superuniverses around Paradise and Havona, the counterclockwise processional of the superuniverse space level.

"These multiple motions are of several orders: The space paths of your planet and your solar system are genetic, inherent in origin. The absolute counterclockwise motion of Orvonton is also genetic, inherent in the architectural plans of the master universe. But the intervening motions are of composite origin, being derived in part from the constitutive segmentation of matter-energy into the superuniverses and in part produced by the intelligent and purposeful action of the Paradise force organizers."

Paper 15  The Seven Superuniverses
Section 3  The Superuniverse of Orvonton
Space Zones from Paradise Isle Outward
Space Zones

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