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Names Given for the Universal Father
  • The Father
  • God the Father
  • The First Source
  • The Universe Center
  • The First Father
  • The Creator
  • The First Source
    and Universe Center
  • The First Source and Center
  • The Universal Father
  • The Paradise Father
  • The Creator Father
  • The First Great Source and Center
  • The Universal Center
  • The First Creative Source
    and Divine Center
  • The Father of Universes
  • The Infinite Upholder
  • The Divine Controller
  • The Father of Lights
  • The Gift of Life
  • The All-powerful One
  • Father of Fathers
  • The Paradise Father
  • The Havona Father
  • The Spirit Father
  • Our Father
  • God

"The name he is given is of little importance; the significant thing is that you should know him and aspire to be like him."


Paper 1  The Universal Father
Section 1  The Father's Name
Note:  The designations given here for the Father, Son, and Spirit are contained in the referenced sections.  Additional names can be found throughout the papers.
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Designations for the Eternal Son
  • The Eternal Son
  • God the Son
  • The Second Person of Deity
  • The Second Great Source and Center
  • The Personality Absolute
  • The Original Son
  • The Co-ordinate Source
  • The Cocreator
  • The Associate Absolute
  • The Son
  • The Co-ordinate Spirit Center
  • The Eternal Spirit Administrator
  • The Second Eternal Source and Center
  • The Son of Sons
  • The Second Source and Center

"On your world, but not in your system of inhabited spheres, this Original Son has been confused with a co-ordinate Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, who bestowed himself upon the mortal races of Urantia."

Paper 6  The Eternal Son
Section 1  The Identity of the Eternal Son
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Titles for the Infinite Spirit
  • The Infinite Spirit
  • The Conjoint Creator
  • The Third Source and Center
  • The Divine Executive
  • The Infinite Mind
  • The Spirit of Spirits
  • The Paradise Mother Spirit
  • The Conjoint Actor
  • The Final Co-ordinator
  • The Omnipresent Spirit
  • The Absolute Intelligence
  • The Divine Action
  • The Infinite Reality
  • The Universal Organizer
  • The Personality Co-ordinator
  • The Spirit

"...and on Urantia he is sometimes confused with the cosmic mind."

Paper 8  The Infinite Spirit
Section 2  Nature of the Infinite Spirit
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Meanings of the Word GOD
Level of
Described as Person
of Diety
God the
First The
God the
Co-ordinate Creator
Spirit Controller
Spiritual Administrator
Second The
God the
Conjoint Actor
Universal Integrator
Mind Bestower
Third The
God the Supreme "the actualizing or evolving God of time and space."
God the Sevenfold "Deity personality anywhere actually functioning in time and space."
God the Ultimate "the eventuating God of supertime and transcended space."
God the Absolute "the experientializing God of transcended superpersonal values and divinity meanings, now existential as the Deity Absolute."

"When in doubt as to the exact interpretation of the word God, it would be advisable to refer it to the person of the Universal Father."

Foreword  Section II God
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How the Father Functions Outside of Havona
Relinquishments of Jurisdiction  [1]
1. As creator, through the Creator Sons, his grandsons.
2. As controller, through the gravity center of Paradise.
3. As spirit, through the Eternal Son.
4. As mind, through the Conjoint Creator.
5. As a Father, he maintains parental contact with all creatures through his personality circuit.
6. As a person, he acts directly throughout creation by his exclusive fragments -- in mortal man by the Thought Adjusters.
7. As total Deity, he functions only in the Paradise Trinity.
  "All these relinquishments and delegations of jurisdiction by the Universal Father are wholly voluntary and self-imposed."
"God is the Father-Absolute of all personalities in the universe of universes. The Father is personally absolute in liberty of action, but in the universes of time and space, made, in the making, and yet to be made, the Father is not discernibly absolute as total Deity except in the Paradise Trinity."

Paper 10  The Paradise Trinity
Section 3  The Three Persons of Deity
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The Four Absolute-Gravity Circuits
Circuit Source and Center
1. Personality Gravity The Universal Father
2. Spirit Gravity The Eternal Son
3. Mind Gravity The Conjoint Actor
4. Cosmic Gravity The Isle of Paradise

"These four circuits are not related to the nether Paradise force center; they are neither force, energy, nor power circuits. They are absolute presence circuits and like God are independent of time and space."

Paper 12  The Universe of Universes
Section 3  Universal Gravity
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