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Personalities and Entities of the Conjoint Creator
Grand Divisions
1. Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit
2. Messenger Hosts of Space
3. Ministering Spirits of Time


Paper 24  Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit
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Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit
 Divisions Headquarters
1. Solitary Messengers No known HQ
2. Universe Circuit Supervisors  
1)  Supreme Cir. Supervisors 7 Havona pilot worlds
[fixed number]
2)  Associate Cir. Supervisors 7 Paradise Spheres of the Spirit
[fixed number]
3)  Secondary Cir. Supervisors 7 Superuniverse Capitals
4)  Tertiary Cir. Supervisors Local Universe Capitals
3. Census Directors Superuniverse Capitals
4. Personal Aides of the Infinite Spirit Paradise
5. Associate Inspectors Local Universe Capitals
6. Assigned Sentinels Local Universe Capitals
7. Graduate Guides Havona Worlds
1-4  Possess tremendous endowments of antigravity  

"Of the seven classes composing this group, only the Solitary Messengers and perhaps the Personal Aids range the universe of universes. Solitary Messengers are encountered from Paradise outward: through the Havona circuits to the superuniverse capitals and thence out through the sectors and local universes, with their subdivisions, and even to the inhabited worlds."  24:0.11


Paper 24  Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit
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The Messenger Hosts of Space
Orders Origin Numbers
1. Havona Servitals The 7 Master Spirits & the 7 Supreme Power Directors "prodigious" [increasing]
2. Universal Conciliators [1] 7x the number of
Havona Servitals
3. Technical Advisors  
Recruited from:
  1) The Supernaphim
  2) The Seconaphim
  3) The Tertiaphim
  4) The Omniaphim
  5) The Seraphim
  6) Certain Types of Ascending Mortals
  7) Certain Types of Ascending Midwayers
> 61 trillion in Orvonton
4. Custodians of Records on Paradise From among the tertiary supernaphim in Havona... (?)
5. Celestial Recorders From ascendant seraphim < 8 million of attained status on Uversa - trillions upon  trillions of advancing recorders in Orvonton
6. Morontial Companions Offspring of the local universe Mother Spirit > 70 billion in Nebadon
7. Paradise Companions From the ranks of the seraphim, seconaphim, supernaphim, and omniaphim (?)

1, 2, 6)  "created as such"  3, 4, 5, 7)  "attainment levels of angelic orders"

  "This creative enactment involves a definite superuniverse technique of reflective response to transactions taking place on Paradise."

"Ranking intermediately in the family of the Infinite Spirit are the Messenger Hosts of Space. These versatile beings function as the connecting links between the higher personalities and the ministering spirits."

Paper 25  The Messenger Hosts of Space

Paper 48  The Morontia Life
Section 3  Morontia Companions
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The Ministering Spirits of Time
  Spirit Class Created By Serve in
1. Supernaphim    
  Primary The Infinite Spirit Paradise
  Secondary The Master Spirits Havona
  Tertiary The Spirits of the Circuits Havona
2. Seconaphim The Reflective Spirits Superuniverses
3. Tertiaphim The Infinite Spirit Superuniverses
4. Omniaphim The Infinite Spirit and
The Seven Supreme Executives
5. Seraphim Universe Mother Spirits Local Universes
6. Cherubim and Sanobim Universe Mother Spirits Local Universes
7. Midway Creatures [1] Local Universes
[1]  "The midway creatures, of nativity on the inhabited worlds, are not really of the angelic orders proper, though often functionally grouped with the ministering spirits."  26:1.11

"Angels are the ministering-spirit associates of the evolutionary and ascending will creatures of all space; they are also the colleagues and working associates of the higher hosts of the divine personalities of the spheres. The angels of all orders are distinct personalities and are highly individualized. They all have a large capacity for appreciation of the ministrations of the reversion directors. Together with the Messenger Hosts of Space, the ministering spirits enjoy seasons of rest and change; they possess very social natures and have an associative capacity far transcending that of human beings."  26:1.1

Paper 26  Ministering Spirits of the Central Universe
Paper 27  Ministry of the Primary Supernaphim
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Supernaphim Working Groups
    Primary   Secondary   Tertiary
1. Conductors of Worship Pilgrim Helpers The Harmony Supervisors
2. Masters of Philosophy Supremacy Guides The Chief Recorders
3. Custodians of Knowledge Trinity Guides The Broadcasters
4. Directors of Conduct Son Finders The Messengers
5. Interpreters of Ethics Father Guides The Intelligence
6. Chiefs of Assignment Counselors and Advisers The Transport Personalities
7. Instigators of Rest Complements of Rest The Reserve Corps

"The supernaphim are the skilled ministers to all types of beings who sojourn on Paradise and in the central universe. These high angels are created in three major orders: primary, secondary, and tertiary."  26:2.1

Paper 26  Ministering Spirits of the Central Universe
Paper 27  Ministry of the Primary Supernaphim
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Seconaphim Types of Service
Primary Secondary
(assigned to)
Tertiary [1]
1. The Voice of
the Conjoint Actor
The Voice of Wisdom
(Perfectors of Wisdom)
The Significance of Origins
2. The Voice of
the Seven Master Spirits
The Soul of Philosophy
(Perfectors of Wisdom)
The Memory of Mercy
3. The Voice of
the Creator Sons
The Union of Souls
(Perfectors of Wisdom)
The Import of Time
4. The Voice of
the Angelic Hosts
The Heart of Counsel
(Divine Counselors)
The Solemnity of Trust
5. Broadcast
The Joy of Existence
(Divine Counselors)
The Sanctity of Service
6. Transport
The Satisfaction of Service
(Divine Counselors)
The Secret of Greatness
and the Soul of Goodness
7. The Reserve Corps The Discerner of Spirits
(Universal Censors)
[1]  "All tertiary seconaphim are collectively assigned to the Trinitized Sons of Attainment, and these ascendant sons use them interchangeably; that is, the Mighty Messengers can and do utilize any of the tertiary types, and so do their co-ordinates, Those High in Authority and Those without Name and Number."  28:6.1

"As the supernaphim are the angelic hosts of the central universe and the seraphim of the local universes, so are the seconaphim the ministering spirits of the superuniverses. In degree of divinity and in potential of supremacy, however, these children of the Reflective Spirits are much more like supernaphim than seraphim. They serve not alone in the supercreations, and both numerous and intriguing are the transactions sponsored by their unrevealed associates."  28:0.1

Paper 28  Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverses

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Divisions of Universe Power Directors
Location Number
1. The Seven Supreme Power Directors
Origin - The 7 Master Spirits
Peripheral Paradise 7
2. The Supreme Power Centers
Origin - The 7 Master Spirits &
the 7 Supreme Power Directors
  > 10 billion total
  1) Supreme Center Supervisors Worlds of the Seven Supreme Executives 7
  2) Havona Centers Havona 1 million - 1 for every 1000 Havona worlds
  3) Superuniverse Centers Superuniverse
Capital Spheres
1000 on each
SUP HQ sphere
  4) Local Universe Centers Local Universe Headquarters Spheres 100 on each
UNI HQ sphere
  5) Constellation Centers Constellations 10 in each CON
  6) System Centers Systems 1 in each SYS
  7) Unclassified Centers Dark Islands of Space (?)  
3. The Master Physical Controllers
Origin - Supreme Power Centers
  1) Associate Power Directors Minor Sector HQ Worlds 3 million for each MNS,
3 billion SUP quota
  2) Mechanical Controllers   trillions upon trillions in Ensa MNS, 10 now stationed on Urantia
  3) Energy Transformers   almost 1 million in Satania,
100 per inhabited world
  4) Energy Transmitters    
  5) Primary Associators    
  6) Secondary Dissociators    
  7) The Frandalanks and Chronoldeks    
4. The Morontia Power Supervisors
  Origin - Local Universe Mother Spirit
Number Per
1000 Created
 1)  Circuit Regulators  400  
   2)  System Co-ordinators 200  
   3)  Planetary Custodians 100  
   4)  Combined Controllers 100  
   5)  Liaison Stabilizers 100  
   6)  Selective Assorters  50  
   7)  Associate Registrars 50  
Paper 29  The Universe Power Directors

Paper 48  The Morontia Life
Section 2  Morontia Power Supervisors
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