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The Seven Master Spirits
Master Spirit likeness Presides over Superuniverse
One The Father One
Two The Son Two
Three The Spirit Three
Four The Father and the Son Four
Five The Father and the Spirit Five
Six The Son and the Spirit Six
Seven The Father, Son, and Spirit Seven (Orvonton)

"The Seven Master Spirits of Paradise are the primary personalities of the Infinite Spirit. In this sevenfold creative act of self-duplication the Infinite Spirit exhausted the associative possibilities mathematically inherent in the factual existence of the three persons of Deity. Had it been possible to produce a larger number of Master Spirits, they would have been created, but there are just seven associative possibilities, and only seven, inherent in three Deities. And this explains why the universe is operated in seven grand divisions, and why the number seven is basically fundamental in its organization and administration."

Paper 16  The Seven Master Spirits  Intro
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Probable Influence of Orvonton's Master Spirit
 Spheres of activity
1. The life-initiation procedures of the local universe Life Carriers.
2. The life activations of the adjutant mind-spirits bestowed upon the worlds by a local universe Creative Spirit.
3. The fluctuations in energy manifestations exhibited by the linear-gravity-responding units of organized matter.
4. The behavior of emergent energy when fully liberated from the grasp of the Unqualified Absolute, thus becoming responsive to the direct influence of linear gravity and to the manipulations of the Universe Power Directors and their associates.
5. The bestowal of the ministry spirit of a local universe Creative Spirit, known on Urantia as the Holy Spirit.
6. The subsequent bestowal of the spirit of the bestowal Sons, on Urantia called the Comforter or the Spirit of Truth.
7. The reflectivity mechanism of the local universes and the superuniverse. Many features connected with this extraordinary phenomenon can hardly be reasonably explained or rationally understood without postulating the activity of the Master Spirits in association with the Conjoint Actor and the Supreme Being.

"The Seven Master Spirits are the full representation of the Infinite Spirit to the evolutionary universes. They represent the Third Source and Center in the relationships of energy, mind, and spirit."  16:4.1

Paper 16  The Seven Master Spirits
Section 4  Attributes and Functions of the Master Spirits

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The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups
  Spirit Group Origin HQ
1. The Seven Master Spirits The Paradise Trinity Paradise
2. The Seven Supreme Executives The Paradise Trinity Paradise Satellites
of the Spirit
3. The Reflective Spirits The Paradise Trinity Superuniverse Capitals
4. The Reflective Image Aids A Reflective Spirit Superuniverse Capitals
5. The Seven Spirits of the Circuits The Infinite Spirit and the Seven Master Spirits One for each
Havona Circuit
6. The Local Universe Creative Spirits The Infinite Spirit Local Universes
7. The Adjutant Mind-Spirits A Local Universe
Creative Spirit
Local Universes

1-7)  "classed among the functional family of the Infinite Spirit"
1-3)  "classified as children of the Paradise Trinity"

"These seven orders are known on Uversa as the seven Supreme Spirit groups.  Their functional domain extends from the personal presence of the Seven Master Spirits on the periphery of the eternal Isle, through the seven Paradise satellites of the Spirit, the Havona circuits, the governments of the superuniverses, and the administration and supervision of the local universes, even to the lowly service of the adjutants bestowed upon the realms of evolutionary mind on the worlds of time and space. "  17:0.10

Paper 17  The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups
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Supreme Trinity Personalities
(all are Stationary Sons of the Trinity)  [1]
  Orders Domain Numbers
(Fixed) [2]
1. Trinitized Secrets
of Supremacy
10 per Paradise Satellite
of the Father
2. Eternals of Days 1 per Havona World 1 billion
3. Ancients of Days 3 per Superuniverse Capital 21
4. Perfections of Days 10 per Major Sector Capital 210
5. Recents of Days 3 per Minor Sector Capital 21,000
6. Union of Days 1 per Local Universe Capital 700,000
7. Faithfuls of Days 1 per Constellation Capital 70 million

[1]   "Perfectors of Wisdom, Divine Counselors, and Universal Censors, together with the seven orders of Supreme Trinity Personalities, constitute those ten groups which have been sometimes designated Stationary Sons of the Trinity. Together they comprise the grand corps of Trinity administrators, rulers, executives, advisers, counselors, and judges. Their numbers slightly exceed thirty-seven billion. Two billion and seventy are stationed in the central universe and just over five billion in each superuniverse."  19:4.8

  "These beings of administrative perfection are of definite and final numbers. Their creation is a past event; no more are being personalized."  18:0.9

"Throughout the grand universe these Supreme Trinity Personalities represent the administrative policies of the Paradise Trinity; they represent the justice and are the executive judgment of the Paradise Trinity. They form an interrelated line of administrative perfection extending from the Paradise spheres of the Father to the headquarters worlds of the local universes and to the capitals of their component constellations."  18:0.10


Paper 18  The Supreme Trinity Personalities
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Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings
(Son Type)
Domain Number
1. Trinity Teacher Sons [1]
Grand Universe 21,001,624,821
2. Perfectors of Wisdom
1 billion per superuniverse 7 billion (fixed)
3. Divine Counselors
3 billion per superuniverse 21 billion (fixed)
4. Universal Censors
1 per Havona World and
1 billion per superuniverse
8 billion (fixed)
5. Inspired Trinity Spirits [2] Unknown
(possibly increasing)
6. Havona Natives Central Universe Number beyond
concept (fixed)
7. Paradise Citizens Paradise >3000 orders
[1]  "They are known in Havona as the order of Daynals. In Orvonton they are of record as Trinity Teacher Sons, so named because of their parentage. On Salvington they are sometimes denominated the Paradise Spiritual Sons."  20:7.1

  "They seem to operate over all known circuits and appear to act well-nigh independently of time and space."  19:5.2

"This Paradise group, designated the Co-ordinate Trinity-origin Beings, embraces the Trinity Teacher Sons, also classed among the Paradise Sons of God, three groups of high superuniverse administrators, and the somewhat impersonal category of the Inspired Trinity Spirits. Even the Havona natives may properly be included in this classification of Trinity personalities along with numerous groups of beings resident on Paradise."  19:0.1


Paper 19  The Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings
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The Paradise Sons of God
Orders of Sonship Origin Grand Universe
1. Creator Sons
(the Michaels)
The Father and the Son > 700,000
2. Magisterial Sons
(the Avonals)
The Son and the Spirit about 1 billion
3. Trinity Teacher Sons
(the Daynals)
The Father, Son, and Spirit > 21 billion
'The Paradise Sons are the divine presentation of the acting natures of the three persons of Deity to the domains of time and space. The Creator, Magisterial, and Teacher Sons are the gifts of the eternal Deities to the children of men and to all other universe creatures of ascension potential. These Sons of God are the divine ministers who are unceasingly devoted to the work of helping the creatures of time attain the high spiritual goal of eternity."  20:10.2 

Paper 20  The Paradise Sons of God
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The Trinitized Sons of God
Divisions Origin Number in
1. Deity-trinitized Sons Unrevealed Unrevealed
2. Trinity-embraced Sons    
    The Trinitized Sons of Attainment  
      1) Mighty Messengers Adjuster-fused Mortals 1 trillion
      2) Those High in Authority Adjuster-fused Mortals 10 billion
      3) Those without Name and Number Adjuster-fused Mortals 100 million
    The Trinitized Sons of Selection  
      4) Trinitized Custodians Ascendant seraphim or
translated midway creatures
10 million
      5) Trinitized Ambassadors Spirit- or Son-fused mortals Almost
.5 billion
3. Trinity-embraced / Creature-trinitized Sons  
    The Trinitized Sons of Perfection  
      6) Celestial Guardians Offspring of perfected mortals and of Paradise-Havona personalities 1 billion
      7) High Son Assistants Offspring of perfected mortals and of Paradise-Havona personalities about
1.25 million

"Irrespective of origin all Trinitized Sons of God have in common the experience of trinitization, either as a part of their origin or as an experience of Trinity embrace subsequently attained."  22:0.5


Paper 22  The Trinitized Sons of God
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