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Headquarters Spheres in Orvonton [1]
Capital Sphere    Satellites - Groupings Ref
Jerusem SYS 56 7 major spheres, each encircled by 7 minor spheres A, E
Edentia CON 770 10 groups, each with 7 major spheres; 10 minor spheres encircle each major sphere A, D
Salvington UNI 490 10 groups, each with 7 primary spheres; 6 tributary spheres encircle each primary sphere. A, C
Uminor the third MNS 7 7 spheres A, B
Umajor the fifth MJS 70 70 spheres A, B
Uversa SUP 490 7 clusters, each with 70 spheres A

...related to our progressive mortal ascension.
Reference A
Paper 15  The Seven Superuniverses
Section 7  The Architectural Spheres

Reference B

Paper  15  The Seven Superuniverses
Section 13  The Sector Governments

Reference C

Paper 35  The Local Universe Sons of God
Section 3  The Melchizedek Worlds

Reference D

Paper 43  The Constellations
Section 8  The Edentia Training Worlds ¶12

Reference E
Paper 45  The Local System Administration  Intro


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Suggested Abbreviations
Architects of the Master Universe
Local Universe Architectural Worlds
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Sizes of Nearby Architectural Spheres
Sphere   Size Ref
Jerusem "almost one hundred times the size of Urantia" [1] B
Major Spheres "about ten times as large as Urantia" B
Minor Spheres "just about the size of Urantia" B

Edentia "approximately one hundred times as large as" Urantia A
Major Spheres "about ten times the size of Urantia" A
Minor Spheres "about the size of Urantia" A

 "... although its gravity is a trifle less."

"It was scarcely a million years subsequent to this epoch [400 billion years ago] that Michael of Nebadon, a Creator Son of Paradise, selected this disintegrating nebula [Andronover] as the site of his adventure in universe building. Almost immediately the architectural worlds of Salvington and the one hundred constellation headquarters groups of planets were begun. It required almost one million years to complete these clusters of specially created worlds. The local system headquarters planets were constructed over a period extending from that time to about five billion years ago."  57:3

Reference A
Paper 43 The Constellations  Intro
Reference B
Paper 45  The Local System Administration  Intro
Reference C
Paper 57  The Origin of Urantia
Section 3  The Secondary Nebular Stage
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Salvington Spheres
Cluster Supervising Group
1. Melchizedek
2. Vorondadek
3. Lanonandek
4. Life Carriers
5. Finaliters
6. Evening Stars
7. Archangels
8. Spirit-fused Mortals
9. Seraphim
10. Undisclosed
Papers 33 through 40
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The Seven Primary Melchizedek Worlds
Sphere Activities
1. Pilot World - meeting ground
2. Physical-life schools and laboratories of living energies
3. Morontia life
4. Initial spirit life
5. Mid-spirit life
6. Advancing spirit life
7. Co-ordinate and supreme self-realization

"The Melchizedeks occupy a world of their own near Salvington, the universe headquarters. This sphere, by name Melchizedek, is the pilot world of the Salvington circuit of seventy primary spheres, each of which is encircled by six tributary spheres devoted to specialized activities. These marvelous spheres — seventy primaries and 420 tributaries — are often spoken of as the Melchizedek University. Ascending mortals from all the constellations of Nebadon pass through training on all 490 worlds in the acquirement of residential status on Salvington. But the education of ascenders is only one phase of the manifold activities taking place on the Salvington cluster of architectural spheres."


Paper 35  The Local Universe Sons of God
Section 3  The Melchizedek Worlds
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The Six Tributary Spheres
of the Melchizedek Pilot World
Sphere Phases of Study [1]
1. Sphere number one is occupied with the review of the initial planetary life of the ascending mortals. This work is carried on in classes composed of those who hail from a given world of mortal origin. Those from Urantia pursue such an experiential review together.
2. The special work of sphere number two consists in a similar review of the experiences passed through on the mansion worlds encircling the premier satellite of the local system headquarters.
3. The reviews of this sphere pertain to the sojourn on the capital of the local system and embrace the activities of the remainder of the architectural worlds of the system headquarters cluster.
4. The fourth sphere is occupied with a review of the experiences of the seventy tributary worlds of the constellation and of their associated spheres.
5. On the fifth sphere there is conducted the review of the ascendant sojourn on the constellation headquarters world.
6. The time on sphere number six is devoted to an attempt to correlate these five epochs and thus achieve co-ordination of experience preparatory to entering the Melchizedek primary schools of universe training.

 "as concerns the ascending mortals..."


Paper 35  The Local Universe Sons of God
Section 3  The Melchizedek Worlds
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Seven Primary Life Carrier Worlds
Sphere Activities
1. The Life Carrier headquarters
2. The life-planning sphere
3. The life-conservation sphere
4. The sphere of life evolution
5. The sphere of life associated with mind
6. The sphere of mind and spirit in living beings
7. The sphere of unrevealed life

"Each of these primary spheres is surrounded by six satellites, on which the special phases of all the Life Carrier activities in the universe are centered."

Paper 36  The Life Carriers
Section 2  The Life Carriers Worlds
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Jerusem Major Spheres
Transitional Culture Worlds
1. The
This is the headquarters of the finaliter corps of the local system and is surrounded by the receiving worlds, the seven mansion worlds, dedicated so fully to the scheme of mortal ascension. The finaliter world is accessible to the inhabitants of all seven mansion worlds. Transport seraphim carry ascending personalities back and forth on these pilgrimages, which are designed to cultivate their faith in the ultimate destiny of transition mortals. Although the finaliters and their structures are not ordinarily perceptible to morontia vision, you will be more than thrilled, from time to time, when the energy transformers and the Morontia Power Supervisors enable you momentarily to glimpse these high spirit personalities who have actually completed the Paradise ascension, and who have returned to the very worlds where you are beginning this long journey, as the pledge of assurance that you may and can complete the stupendous undertaking. All mansion world sojourners go to the finaliter sphere at least once a year for these assemblies of finaliter visualization.
2. The
This planet is the headquarters of the supervisors of morontia life and is surrounded by the seven spheres whereon the morontia chiefs train their associates and helpers, both morontia beings and ascending mortals.
3. The
This is the headquarters of all the seraphic hosts engaged in system activities and is surrounded by the seven worlds of angelic training and instruction. These are the seraphic social spheres.
4. The
This sphere is the Satania home of the Brilliant Evening Stars and a vast concourse of co-ordinate and near-co-ordinate beings. The seven satellites of this world are assigned to the seven major groups of these unnamed celestial beings.
5. The World
of the Sons
This planet is the headquarters of the divine Sons of all orders, including the creature-trinitized sons. The surrounding seven worlds are devoted to certain individual groupings of these divinely related sons.
6. The World
of the Spirit
This sphere serves as the system rendezvous of the high personalities of the Infinite Spirit. Its seven surrounding satellites are assigned to individual groups of these diverse orders. But on transition world number six there is no representation of the Spirit, neither is such a presence to be observed on the system capitals; the Divine Minister of Salvington is everywhere in Nebadon.
7. The World
of the Father
This is the silent sphere of the system. No group of beings is domiciled on it. The great temple of light occupies a central place, but no one can be discerned therein. All beings of all the system worlds are welcomed as worshipers.

"In passing through the seven mansion worlds, you will also progress through these cultural and social spheres of increasing morontia contact. When you advance from the first to the second mansion world, you will become eligible for a visitor’s permit to transitional headquarters number two, the morontia world, and so on. And when present on any one of these six cultural spheres, you may, on invitation, become a visitor and observer on any of the seven surrounding worlds of associated group activities."


Paper 45  The Local System Administration
Section 1  Transitional Culture Worlds
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