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Seraphic Organization (at seraphic HQ) [1] 
Divisions Seraphic
Seraphim Headed by a:
12 24 chief
= 1
144 288 leader
= 1
1728 3456 commander
= 1
20,736 41,472 [2] director
= 1
248,832 497,664 supervisor
= 1
2,985,984 5,971,968 [3]
= 1
35,831,808 71,663,616 [4]

[1]  "After the second millennium of sojourn at seraphic headquarters..."

[2]  "Seraphim are created by the Universe Mother Spirit and have been projected in unit formation—41,472 at a time—ever since the creation of the "pattern angels" and certain angelic archetypes in the early times of Nebadon."  38:1.1

  "A seraphic host is commanded by an archangel or by some other personality of co-ordinate status..."

[4]  "...angelic armies are directed by the Brilliant Evening Stars or by other immediate lieutenants of Gabriel.  And Gabriel is the "supreme commander of the armies of heaven," the chief executive of the Sovereign of Nebadon, "the Lord God of hosts.""

"Though serving under the direct supervision of the Infinite Spirit as personalized on Salvington, since the bestowal of Michael on Urantia, seraphim and all other local universe orders have become subject to the sovereignty of the Master Son."

Note: The above chart shows the organization and numbers of seraphim, in their second millennium of existence, training at seraphic headquarters. Seraphic numbering for all of Nebadon is suggested in the following passage:

"The destiny guardian of the human subject used in this contactual communication is number 3 of group 17, of company 126, of battalion 4, of unit 384, of legion 6, of host 37, of the 182,314th seraphic army of Nebadon. The current planetary assignment number of this seraphim on Urantia and to this human subject is 3,641,852."  113:2.6

Note: The Chief of Seraphim on Urantia presented this accounting of planetary seraphic population, presumably recorded in the 1930's:

"At noon today the roll call of planetary angels, guardians, and others on Urantia was 501,234,619 pairs of seraphim. There were assigned to my command two hundred seraphic hosts—597,196,800 pairs of seraphim, or 1,194,393,600 individual angels. The registry, however, shows 1,002,469,238 individuals; it follows therefore that 191,924,362 angels were absent from this world on transport, messenger, and death duty. (On Urantia there are about the same number of cherubim as seraphim, and they are similarly organized.) 114:0.2


Paper 38  Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe
Section 6  Seraphic Organization
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The Seraphic Hosts
  Class / Group Usual Domain
1. Supreme Seraphim Throughout the
Local Universe
  1. Son-Spirit Ministers
  2. Court Advisers  
  3. Universe Orientators  
  4. The Teaching Counselors  
  5. Directors of Assignment  
  6. The Recorders  
  7. Unattached Ministers  
2. Superior Seraphim The Local Universe
  1. The Intelligence Corps  
  2. The Voice of Mercy  
  3. Spirit Co-ordinators  
  4. Assistant Teachers  
  5. The Transporters  
  6. The Recorders  
  7. The Reserves  
3. Supervisor Seraphim The Constellations
  1. Supervising Assistants  
  2. Law Forecasters  
  3. Social Architects  
  4. Ethical Sensitizers  
  5. The Transporters  
  6. The Recorders  
  7. The Reserves  
4. Administrator Seraphim Local Systems
  1. Administrative Assistants  
  2. Justice Guides  
  3. Interpreters of Cosmic Citizenship  
  4. Quickeners of Morality  
  5. The Transporters  
  6. The Recorders  
  7. The Reserves  
5. Planetary Helpers Inhabited Worlds
  1. The Voices of the Garden  
  2. The Spirits of Brotherhood  
  3. The Souls of Peace  
  4. The Spirits of Trust  
  5. The Transporters  
  6. The Recorders  
  7. The Reserves  
6. Transition Ministers Morontia Worlds,
Inhabited Worlds
  1. Seraphic Evangels
  2. Racial Interpreters  
  3. Mind Planners  
  4. Morontia Counselors  
  5. Technicians  
  6. Recorder-Teachers  
  7. Ministering Reserves  
7. Seraphim of the Future  [1] Advanced Planets,
The Seraphic Worlds
[1]  "Inasmuch as these angels are not now directly concerned with either Urantia or Urantians, it is deemed best to withhold the description of their fascinating activities."   39:7.2 

"AS FAR as we are cognizant, the Infinite Spirit, as personalized on the local universe headquarters, intends to produce uniformly perfect seraphim, but for some unknown reason these seraphic offspring are very diverse."  39:0.1

Paper 39  The Seraphic Hosts
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Transition Seraphim
Divisions of Service Dedication
1. Seraphic Evangels " the proclamation of the gospel of eternal progression, the triumph of perfection attainment."
2. Racial Interpreters " harmonize the varied viewpoints of the races..."
3. Mind Planners " the effective grouping of morontia beings and to organizing their teamwork on the mansion worlds."
4. Morontia Counselors " teach, direct, and counsel the surviving mortals from the worlds of human origin..."
5. Technicians "...[to] help new ascenders adjust themselves to the new and comparatively strange environment of the morontia spheres."
6. Recorder-Teachers "These seraphim are the recorders of the borderland transactions of the spiritual and the physical, of the relationships of men and angels, of the morontia transactions of the lower universe realms."
7. Ministering Reserves "A large corps of all orders of the transition seraphim is held on the first mansion world."

"While all orders of angels, from the planetary helpers to the supreme seraphim, minister on the morontia worlds, the transition ministers are more exclusively assigned to these activities. These angels are of the sixth order of seraphic servers, and their ministry is devoted to facilitating the transit of material and mortal creatures from the temporal life in the flesh on into the early stages of morontia existence on the seven mansion worlds."


Paper 48  The Morontia Life
Section 6  Morontia World Seraphim - Transition Ministers
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The Expanded Constellation Government
Vorondadek Rulers of Norlatiadek [1]
1. The Constellation Father The present Most High ruler of Norlatiadek is number 617,318 of the Vorondadek series of Nebadon. He saw service in many constellations throughout our local universe before taking up his Edentia responsibilities.
2.  The senior Most High associate
3.  The junior Most High associate
4. The Most High adviser the personal representative of Michael since his attainment of the status of a Master Son.
5. The Most High executive the personal representative of Gabriel stationed on Edentia ever since the Lucifer rebellion.
6. The Most High chief of planetary observers the director of the Vorondadek observers stationed on the isolated worlds of Satania.
7. The Most High referee the Vorondadek Son intrusted with the duty of adjusting all difficulties consequential to rebellion within the constellation.
8. The Most High emergency administrator the Vorondadek Son charged with the task of adapting the emergency enactments of the Norlatiadek legislature to the rebellion-isolated worlds of Satania.
9. The Most High mediator the Vorondadek Son assigned to harmonize the special bestowal adjustments on Urantia with the routine administration of the constellation. The presence of certain archangel activities and numerous other irregular ministrations on Urantia, together with the special activities of the Brilliant Evening Stars on Jerusem, necessitates the functioning of this Son.
10. The Most High
the head of the emergency tribunal devoted to the adjustment of the special problems of Norlatiadek growing out of the confusion consequent upon the Satania rebellion.
11. The Most High liaison the Vorondadek Son attached to the Edentia rulers but commissioned as a special counselor with the Faithful of Days regarding the best course to pursue in the management of problems pertaining to rebellion and creature disloyalty.
12. The Most High director the president of the emergency council of Edentia. All personalities assigned to Norlatiadek because of the Satania upheaval constitute the emergency council, and their presiding officer is a Vorondadek Son of extraordinary experience.

  "And this takes no account of the numerous Vorondadeks, envoys of Nebadon constellations, and others who are also resident on Edentia."

"The rotation of the Most Highs on Edentia was suspended at the time of the Lucifer rebellion. We now have the same rulers who were on duty at that time. We infer that no change in these rulers will be made until Lucifer and his associates are finally disposed of."

Paper 43  The Constellations
Section 5  The Edentia Fathers since the Lucifer Rebellion
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The Expanded System Administration
Title Member Lanonandek Number
1. System Sovereign Lanaforge 2709 (primary order)
2. First assistant Sovereign Mansurotia 17,841 (tertiary order)
3. Second assistant Sovereign Sadib 271,402 (tertiary order)
4. Custodian of the System Holdant 19 (tertiary order)
5. System recorder Vilton 374 (tertiary order)
6. Bestowal director Fortant 319,847 (secondary order)
7. High counselor Hanavard 67 (primary order)

"The chief executive of a local system, the System Sovereign, is always supported by two or three Lanonandek Sons, who function as first and second assistants. But at the present time the system of Satania is administered by a staff of seven Lanonandeks... This executive group of seven Lanonandeks constitutes the expanded emergency administration made necessary by the exigencies of the Lucifer rebellion."

Paper 45  The Local System Administration
Section 3  The System Government
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Jerusem Executive Council
Twelve Members
1. Hanavard, the Lanonandek chairman
2. Lanaforge, the System Sovereign
3. Mansurotia, the first assistant Sovereign
4. The chief of Satania Melchizedeks
5. The acting director of the Satania Life Carriers
6. The chief of the Satania finaliters
7. The original Adam of Satania, the supervising head of the Material Sons
8. The director of the Satania seraphic hosts
9. The chief of the Satania physical controllers
10. The director of the system Morontia Power Supervisors
11. The acting director of system midway creatures
12. The acting head of the corps of ascending mortals

"There are only minor courts on Jerusem since the system is the unit of administration, not adjudication, but the Lanonandek administration is supported by the Jerusem executive council, the supreme advisory body of Satania."

Paper 45  The Local System Administration
Section 3  The System Government

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The Four and Twenty Counselors [1]
Seat Member
1. Onagar the master mind of the pre-Planetary Prince age, who directed his fellows in the worship of “The Breath Giver.” (981,390 BC)
2. Mansant
the great teacher of the post-Planetary Prince age on Urantia, who pointed his fellows to the veneration of “The Great Light.”
3. Onamonalonton a far-distant leader of the red man and the one who directed this race from the worship of many gods to the veneration of “The Great Spirit.”  (~65,000 years ago)
4. Orlandof a prince of the blue men and their leader in the recognition of the divinity of “The Supreme Chief.”  (~200,000 years ago)
5. Porshunta the oracle of the extinct orange race and the leader of this people in the worship of “The Great Teacher.”  (~300,000 years ago)
6. Singlangton the first of the yellow men to teach and lead his people in the worship of “One Truth” instead of many. Thousands of years ago the yellow man knew of the one God."  (~100,000 years ago)
7. Fantad the deliverer of the green men from darkness and their leader in the worship of “The One Source of Life.”  (~350,000 years ago)
8. Orvonon "the enlightener of the indigo races and their leader in the onetime service of “The God of Gods.”  (a few thousand years ago)
9. Adam the discredited but rehabilitated planetary father of Urantia, a Material Son of God who was relegated to the likeness of mortal flesh, but who survived and was subsequently elevated to this position by the decree of Michael.  (37,848 years before 1934)
10. Eve the mother of the violet race of Urantia, who suffered the penalty of default with her mate and was also rehabilitated with him and assigned to serve with this group of mortal survivors.  (37,848 years before 1934)
11. Enoch the first of the mortals of Urantia to fuse with the Thought Adjuster during the mortal life in the flesh.
12. Moses the emancipator of a remnant of the submerged violet race and the instigator of the revival of the worship of the Universal Father under the name of “The God of Israel.”  (~3400 years ago)
13. Elijah
a translated soul of brilliant spiritual achievement during the post-Material Son age(9th century B.C.)
14. Machiventa
the only Son of this order to bestow himself upon the Urantia races. While still numbered as a Melchizedek, he has become “forever a minister of the Most Highs,” eternally assuming the assignment of service as a mortal ascender, having sojourned on Urantia in the likeness of mortal flesh at Salem in the days of Abraham. This Melchizedek has latterly been proclaimed vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia with headquarters on Jerusem and authority to act in behalf of Michael, who is actually the Planetary Prince of the world whereon he experienced his terminal bestowal in human form. Notwithstanding this, Urantia is still supervised by successive resident governors general, members of the four and twenty counselors.  (B.C. 1980-1886 )
15. John the Baptist the forerunner of Michael’s mission on Urantia and, in the flesh, distant cousin of the Son of Man. (7 B.C. - 28 A.D.)
16. 1-2-3 the First
the leader of the loyal midway creatures in the service of Gabriel at the time of the Caligastia betrayal, elevated to this position by Michael soon after his entrance upon unconditioned sovereignty.
Reserved not permanently occupied. They are temporarily filled by the unanimous consent of the sixteen permanent members, being kept open for later assignment to ascending mortals from the present postbestowal Son age on Urantia.
Reserved likewise temporarily filled while being held in reserve for the great teachers of other and subsequent ages which undoubtedly will follow the present age. Eras of the Magisterial Sons and Teacher Sons and the ages of light and life are to be anticipated on Urantia, regardless of unexpected visitations of divine Sons which may or may not occur.
[1]  "These selected personalities [1-16] are exempt from the ascension regime for the time being, on Gabriel’s request, and we have no idea how long they may serve in this capacity."

"These four and twenty counselors are (Michael's) personal agents on Jerusem, and they have authority to represent the Master Son in all matters concerning the roll calls of Satania and in many other phases of the scheme of mortal ascension on the isolated worlds of the system. They are the designated agents for executing the special requests of Gabriel and the unusual mandates of Michael."


Paper 45  The Local System Administration
Section 4  The Four and Twenty Counselors
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Lanonandek Sons
Number[1] Classification
100,000 Universe Co-ordinators
and Constellation Counselors
600,000 System Sovereigns and Assistants
Planetary Princes and Reserves
Messenger Corps
Custodians and Recorders
Reserve Corps

[1] Nebadon's sons in round numbers.

"After the creation of the Vorondadeks, the Creator Son and the Universe Mother Spirit unite for the purpose of bringing into existence the third order of universe sonship, the Lanonandeks. Although occupied with varied tasks connected with the system administrations, they are best known as System Sovereigns, the rulers of the local systems, and as Planetary Princes, the administrative heads of the inhabited worlds."

Paper 35  The Local Universe Sons of God
Section 8  The Lanonandek Sons
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Levels of Life Carrier Function
Stage Level of Existence
1. The physical level of electrochemistry.
2. The usual mid-phase of quasi-morontial existence. [1]
3. The advanced semispiritual level.
(4.) The wholly spiritual level. [2]
[1]  "They ordinarily perform their duties as mid-phase Sons, that being the state of their origin."

[2]  "We look forward to a time when the universe may be settled in light and life, to a possible fourth stage of being wherein we shall be wholly spiritual, but it has never been revealed to us by what technique we may attain this desirable and advanced estate."
A Life Carrier of Nebadon resident on Urantia
 "The Life Carriers are endowed with potentials of personality metamorphosis which but few orders of creatures possess. These Sons of the local universe are capable of functioning in three diverse phases of being. They ordinarily perform their duties as mid-phase Sons, that being the state of their origin. But a Life Carrier in such a stage of existence could not possibly function in the electrochemical domains as a fabricator of physical energies and material particles into units of living existence." 65:1.1
Paper 65  The Overcontrol of Evolution
Section 1  Life Carrier Functions
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Types of Midway Creatures
Type Origin and Description
1. Primary Midwayers the more spiritual group, are a somewhat standardized order of beings who are uniformly derived from the modified ascendant-mortal staffs of the Planetary Princes. The number of primary midway creatures is always fifty thousand, and no planet enjoying their ministry has a larger group.
2. Secondary Midwayers the more material group of these creatures, vary greatly in numbers on the different worlds, though the average is around fifty thousand. They are variously derived from the planetary biologic uplifters, the Adams and Eves, or from their immediate progeny. There are no less than twenty-four diverse techniques involved in the production of these secondary midway creatures on the evolutionary worlds of space. The mode of origin for this group on Urantia was unusual and extraordinary.

"The midway creatures have a threefold classification: They are properly classified with the ascending Sons of God; they are factually grouped with the orders of permanent citizenship, while they are functionally reckoned with the ministering spirits of time because of their intimate and effective association with the angelic hosts in the work of serving mortal man on the individual worlds of space."

Paper 38  Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe
Section 9  The Midway Creatures
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