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Organization of the
Caligastia One Hundred
Sided With
  small banner of michael small lucifer emblem
Service Councils 
Ref B [1]
Members Van Caligastia
1. The council on
food and material welfare
Ang 10 4 6
2. The board of
animal domestication and utilization
Bon 10   10
3. The advisers regarding
the conquest of predatory animals
Dan 10   10
4. The faculty on
dissemination and
conservation of knowledge
Fad 10 6 4
5. The commission on
industry and trade
Nod 10   10
6. The college of
revealed religion
Hap 10 10  
7. The guardians of
health and life
Lut 10   10
8. The planetary council on
art and science
Mek 10 10  
9. The governors of
advanced tribal relations
Tut 10   10
10. The supreme court of
tribal co-ordination and
racial co-operation
Van 10 10
Totals   100 40 [2] 60 [3]
[1] Loyal leaders in bold
[2] "Thus were forty out of the one hundred saved, later to be transferred to Jerusem, where they resumed their Paradise journey."  67:4.1
[3] "We know not the fate of the sixty staff rebels; their Adjusters still tarry on Jerusem."  67:4.5
Reference A
Paper 66  The Planetary Prince of Urantia
Section 5  Organization of the One Hundred

Reference B
Paper 67  The Planetary Rebellion
Section 4  The Caligastia One Hundred After Rebellion

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Urantia's Midway Creature Population
Midwayers Primary Secondary Total
Originally 50,000 1,984 51,984
(rebel, fallen) [1]
40,119 873 40,992

Loyal to the
rule of Michael
9,881 1,111 10,992
United Midwayers

[1]  "The entire group of rebel midwayers is at present held prisoner by order of the Most Highs of Edentia."

[2]  "The United Midwayers of Urantia are at present governed alternately by the senior member of each order. This regime has obtained since their amalgamation into one group shortly after Pentecost."  77:8

Paper 77  The Midway Creatures
Section 7  The Rebel Midwayers
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Organization of the United Midwayers  [1]
Group Description
1. Midway messengers This group bear names; they are a small corps and are of great assistance on an evolutionary world in the service of quick and reliable personal communication.
2. Planetary sentinels Midwayers are the guardians, the sentinels, of the worlds of space. They perform the important duties of observers for all the numerous phenomena and types of communication which are of import to the supernatural beings of the realm. They patrol the invisible spirit realm of the planet.
3. Contact personalities In the contacts made with the mortal beings of the material worlds, such as with the subject through whom these communications were transmitted, the midway creatures are always employed. They are an essential factor in such liaisons of the spiritual and the material levels.
4. Progress helpers These are the more spiritual of the midway creatures, and they are distributed as assistants to the various orders of seraphim who function in special groups on the planet.
[1]  "...for service with the planetary seraphim in accordance with innate endowments and acquired skills..."

Paper 77  The Midway Creatures
Section 8  The United Midwayers
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The Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision
  Group since
The Twelve Corps
1. 3rd The epochal angels
2. 2nd The progress angels
3. 5th The religious guardians
4. 4th The angels of nation life
5. Original The angels of the races
6. Original The angels of the future
7. 3rd The angels of enlightenment
8. 6th The angels of health
9. 5th The home seraphim
10. 8th [1] The angels of industry
11. 3rd The angels of diversion
12. Original The angels of superhuman ministry

 "This corps has been seven times changed since the bestowal of Michael."

"The master seraphim of planetary supervision utilize many agencies for the prosecution of their missions. They function as ideational clearinghouses, mind focalizers, and project promoters. While unable to inject new and higher conceptions into human minds, they often act to intensify some higher ideal which has already appeared within a human intellect."

Paper 114  Seraphic Planetary Government
Section 6  The Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision
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