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Chronology of the Master's Life 
Work in progress. See also Urantia Book Timeline
Time Event Ref
Mar BC 8 Augustus orders a census of the Roman Empire. 122:7.1
Apr BC 8 Joseph and Mary wed. 122:2.2
noon, late Jun, BC 8 Gabriel appears to Elizabeth. 122:2.2
near sundown,
mid Nov BC 8
Gabriel appears to Mary one day after the conception of Jesus. 122:2.6
early Feb BC 7 Mary visits Elizabeth. 122:2.4
mid Feb BC 7 Six weeks prior to John's birth, his father, Zacharias, has an impressive dream and becomes convinced that John will be a son of destiny. 122:2.6
Mar 25, BC 7 John the Baptist is born in the City of Judah. 122:2.7  135:0.1
Apr 2, BC 7 John is “circumcised according to the Jewish custom.” 135:0.2
May 29, BC 7 Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces. 122:8.7
early mrng, Aug 18, BC 7 Joseph and Mary leave Nazareth for Bethlehem. 122:7.
mrng, Aug 20, BC 7 Joseph and Mary reach Jerusalem and visit the temple. 122:7.6
mid aftn, Aug 20, BC 7 Joseph and Mary arrive at Bethlehem. 122:7.6
noon, Aug 21, BC 7 Jesus is born. 122:8.1
Aug 29, BC 7 Jesus is “circumcised and formally named Joshua (Jesus).” 122:8.2
Sep 29, BC 7 Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces. 122:8.7
Dec 5 BC 7 Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces. 122:8.7
mid Oct BC 6 Joseph, Mary, and Jesus depart for Alexandria one day before sixteen boy babies of Bethlehem are massacred by order of Herod the Idumean. 122:10.4
BC 4 Herod the Idumean dies. Herod Antipas begins rule. 121:2.10
BC 4 Sepphoris, three miles north of Nazareth, becomes capital of Galilee. 124:1.12
Aug BC 4 Joseph, Mary, and Jesus arrive in Joppa from Alexandria. 123:0.4
Sep BC 4 The three stay at Bethlehem. 123:0.4
Oct 4, BC 4 They leave for Nazareth. 123:0.6
Oct 7, BC 4 Joseph, Mary, and Jesus arrive in Nazareth. Jesus is around three years and two months old. 123:1.1
Apr 2, BC 3 James, brother of Jesus, is born. 123:1.5
Jul BC 3 Mary, Jesus, and James stay at Mary's brother's farm near Sarid.  They stay over two months. 123:1.7
Feb 11, BC 2 Thought Adjuster indwells the mind of Jesus. 123:2.1
Jul 11, BC 2 Miriam, sister of Jesus, is born. 123:2.3
Aug 21, BC 2 Joseph formally assumed responsibility for Jesus' education. 123:2.6
Jun BC 1 Joseph begins work as a builder. 123:3.7
Jun BC 1 Zacharias, Elizabeth, and John visit Joseph's family in Nazareth. 123:3.4 135:0.3

There is no year zero.  To find the age of Jesus or John the Baptist, subtract the BC year from seven or add six to the AD year, keeping in mind their birthdates.

Jan AD 1 Unusually heavy snowfall in Galilee. 123:4.1
mrng, Wed, Mar 16, AD 1 Joseph, second brother of Jesus, is born. 123:4.9
Jul AD 1 Jesus falls from stairs after being blinded by an unusual July sandstorm. 123:4.5
Aug AD 1 Jesus begins formal education at Nazareth synagogue school. 123:5.1
Jan AD 2 Jesus returns to visit his uncle's farm. 123:6.2
evng Fri, Apr 14, AD 2 Simon, third brother of Jesus, is born. 123:6.7
May, AD 2 Jesus spends a week fishing on the Sea of Galilee. 123:6.2
May, AD 3 At his uncle's farm, Jesus helps with the harvest for the first time. 124:1.11
late Jun, AD 3 Jesus climbs Mount Tabor with his father. 124:1.6
Thu night, Sep 13, AD 3 Martha, second sister of Jesus, is born. 124:1.7
Winter AD 3 Jesus learns about ice during this unusually cold winter. 124:1.8
mid May, AD 5 Jesus visits Scythopolis, Greek city of the Decapolis. 124:3.6
Wed evng, Jun 24, AD 5 Jude, fourth brother of Jesus, is born. 124:3.4
Sun night, Jan 9, AD 7 Amos, fifth brother of Jesus, is born. 124:5.2
Feb, AD 7 “Jesus became humanly assured that he was destined to perform a mission on earth for the enlightenment of man and the revelation of God.” 124:5.3
Sun, Mar 20, AD 7 Jesus graduates from training at the local synagogue school. 124:5.4
Mon mrng, Apr 4, AD 7 Jesus departs for Jerusalem with 102 others. 124:6.1
Thu aftn, Apr 7, AD 7 Jesus enters Jerusalem. 124:6.11
Sat, Apr 9, AD 7 Passover feast. 124:6.1
Wed, Apr 13, AD 7 Jesus visits the Bethany home of Lazarus. 125:2.7
Sun, Apr 17, AD 7 First day of the four that Jesus spends at the temple. 125:3.1
one night,
Apr 7th-20th, AD 7
Messenger from Immanuel appears to Jesus. 127:2.12
AD 8 John (the Baptist) takes the formal vow of the Nazarite Order at Engedi, by the Dead Sea. 135:1.1
Tue, Sep 25, AD 8 Joseph is severely injured by a falling derrick while at work on the governor's residence at Sepphoris. He dies soon after. 126:2.1
Wed evng, Apr 17, AD 9 Ruth, third sister of Jesus, baby of the family, is born. 126:3.2
1st Sabbath after,
Aug 21, AD 9
Jesus conducts synagogue service after 15th birthday. 126:4.1
AD 10 John (the Baptist) becomes impressed with the prophet Elijah and adopts his style of dress. 135:1.4
AD 11 Jesus declines joining a nationalist (Zealot) party. 127:2.2
AD 12 Jesus takes James to Jerusalem for Passover. 127:3.1
Jul AD 12 Zacharias, father of John, dies. John is 18. 135:2.1
Sep AD 12 Elizabeth and John visit the Nazareth family. John and Jesus will not meet again until Jesus presents himself for baptism by the Jordan. 127:3.11
Sat aftn,
Dec 3, AD 12
Jesus' brother Amos dies after a week's illness with a high fevor. 127:3.13
AD 13 Rebecca and her father, Ezra, approach Jesus about marriage but they are disappointed. 127:5.3
AD 13 Jesus sells his harp to pay for Jude's schooling. 127:4.10
AD 14 Augustus dies. 136:2.8
Passover AD 14 Jesus visits Jerusalem for Passover. Celebrates the meal, without the paschal lamb, at the home of Lazarus. 127:6.6
AD 14 John (the Baptist), 20, moves to Hebron with his mother, Elizabeth. 135:2.3
Passover AD 15 Jesus takes Joseph to Jerusalem for Passover. They celebrate the meal at Bethany with Lazarus, Martha, and Mary. 128:1.14
AD 16 Jesus works at finishing, cabinetwork, caravan repair, and metal work. 128:2.3
AD 16 Jesus installs James as acting head of the family, then goes to work with a smith at Sepphoris for a period of six months. 128:2.4
Thu aftn, Passover Week
AD 17
Jesus meets the Greek, Stephen, who later would later become the first martyr of the Christian faith. 128:3.5
AD 17 Jesus declines the opportunity to found a school in Damascus to compete with Alexandria. 128:3.1
AD 18 Joseph becomes acting head of the Nazareth family. 128:2.6
Jun AD 18 Jesus declines an invitation to teach in Alexandria. 128:5.5
Passover AD 19 Jude is arrested in Jerusalem; Jesus assists in his release. 128:6.5
Nov, AD 20 James and Esta, Miriam and Jacob, marry in a double wedding. The next day, Jesus establishes James as head of the house of Joseph. 128:7.10
a Sun mrng in AD 21 Jesus exits as a member of the Nazareth household. 129:1.1
Oct AD 21 Jesus returns to Nazareth for Martha's wedding. 129:1.6
AD 21 Jesus works with Zebedee in Capernaum. He designs a superior style of boat for Galilean fishermen. 129:1.3
Passover AD 22 The Zebedee family meet Jesus in Jerusalem for Passover at the home of Annas. 129:2.8
Passover Wk, AD 22 Jesus meets Gonod and Ganid, travelers from India. 129:2.9
Mar, AD 22 Jesus leaves Capernaum for Jerusalem. 129:2.1
Sun mrng, Apr 26, AD 22 Jesus begins his journey to Rome with Gonod and Ganid. From Jerusalem, they travel to Joppa, Caesarea, Alexandria, Lasea in Crete, Cyrene in Carthage, Malta, Syracuse, Messina, Naples, Capua, and Rome.

From Rome, the three travel to Tarentum, Nicopolis, Corinth, Athens, Troas, Ephesus, Rhodes, Cyprus, Antioch, Sidon, Damascus, Thapsacus, Larissa, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Ur, Susa, and Charax.

Aug 17, AD 22 Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, dies. John is 28. His home is now Engedi. 135:4.1
Dec 10, AD 23 Jesus takes leave of Gonod and Ganid at Charax on the Persian Gulf. He returns to Nazareth by way of Ur, Babylon, Damascus, and Capernaum. 134:1.1
early Mar, AD 24 Jesus attends the double wedding of Simon and Jude in Nazareth. 129:1.6 134:1.4
Apr 1, AD 24 Jesus departs for the Caspian Sea region serving as conductor of a caravan. The year-long journey takes him to Jerusalem, Damascus, Lake Urmia, Assyria, Media, Parthia, and the southeastern Caspian Sea region.

Back at Lake Urmia, Jesus ends his service as conductor. He returns as a passenger of another caravan through Damascus to Capernaum.

AD 25 Tiberias succeeds Sepphoris as capital of Galilee. 124:1.12
early Mar AD 25 John the Baptist departs Engedi for a career as a public preacher proclaiming the kingdom of God and heralding the Messiah. 135:4.6
Apr 1, AD 25 Jesus arrives at Capernaum. 134:2.5
mid Apr, AD 25 Jesus begins a “year of solitary wanderings through Palestine and Syria.” 134:7.1
May, AD 25 At Bethany ford, priests and Levites send a delegation to inquire into the claims of John the Baptist. 135:6.6
mid Aug, AD 25 Beit Jenn, along the Damascus Road on Mt. Hermon, becomes headquarters for Jesus during this time of quiet sojourn with his Father.  134:8.1
aftn, late sumr,
3rd wk of Sep AD 25
Amid the trees, high up on Mt. Hermon, Jesus holds a conference with Satan and Caligastia. He chooses the will of his Paradise Father over the proposals, counterproposals, compromises, and makeshifts of Lucifer's emissaries.

The Lucifer rebellion and the Caligastia betrayal are “virtually ended.”

Michael of Nebadon wins “the unquestioned sovereignty of his universe.” 

Jesus of Nazareth begins reign as Planetary Prince of Urantia.

early Oct AD 25 Jesus keeps busy at the Capernaum boatshop as he waits for his hour to come. 134:9.6
Dec AD 25 James and John Zebedee go to Pella for baptism by John. 135:8.1
Sat night, Jan 12, AD 26 James and Jude ask their brother, Jesus, concerning their plans to be baptized by John. Jesus postpones the discussion until the following day. 135:8.2
pre-noon, Sun,
Jan 13, AD 26
Jesus announces, “My hour has come.” 134:9.8 135:8.3
noon, Mon,
Jan 14, AD 26
Jesus and his brothers James and Jude are baptized by John in the Jordan. The Adjuster of Jesus takes leave of him, proceeds to Divinington, then returns in a few moments as a Personalized Adjuster, saying on behalf of the Universal Father, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”

The purely human life of Jesus is over. Jesus begins forty days of solitary planning in the Perean hills. Early on, Jesus encounters Gabriel and the Constellation Father.

early, Sat mrng,
Feb 23, AD 26
Jesus returns to the company of John the Baptist at Pella for their final meeting in the flesh. John's disciples, Andrew and his brother Simon, are welcomed by Jesus as his first and second apostles. Jesus changes Simon's name to Peter. James and John Zebedee also become apostles later on this day. 135:9.7  137:1.1
Sun mrng, Feb 24, AD 26 Jesus leaves John the Baptist and proceeds north into Galilee. Philip and Nathaniel become the fifth and sixth apostles. 137:2.1
Mon night, Feb 25, AD 26 Jesus arrives at the home of Zebedee in Capernaum. 137:3.4
Tue, Feb 26, AD 26 Jesus travels from Capernaum to Cana for the wedding Naomi and Johab. 137:3.6
Wed, Feb 27, AD 26 Almost a thousand guests attend the wedding feast at Cana. Jesus is surprised by an unintended wonder as water is transformed into very good wine. 137:4.1
Sat, Mar 2, AD 26 At the Capernaum synagogue, Jesus reads from the Prophet Isaiah. 137:6.1
AD 26 Pontius Pilate begins rule as governor of Judea.  
Sun mrng, Mar 3, AD 26 John the Baptist and 3/4 of his disciples go south, 1/4 having gone north to find Jesus. 135:10.1
mid Mar, AD 26 A deputation from the priests and Pharisees at Jerusalem question John the Baptist at Pella. 135:9.4
early Jun, AD 26 John the Baptist returns to Bethany ford proclaiming mercy for the common people while denouncing political and religious corruption. 135:10.2
early mrng, Jun 12, AD 26 In southern Perea, the agents of Herod Antipas place John the Baptist under arrest. 135:10.3
Tue, Jun 18, AD 26 At the Capernaum boatshop, Jesus lays down his tools and says to Peter, “The Father's hour has come. Let us make ready to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom.” 137:8.3
Sat, Jun 22, AD 26 Jesus preaches the sermon on “The Kingdom” at the Capernaum synagogue. 137:8.1
Sun, Jun 23, AD 26 The six apostles are directed “to go forth, two and two, to teach the glad tidings of the kingdom.” Jesus authorizes them to each select another apostle from among the early converts to make their number twelve. 138:1.1
~ Jul 7, AD 26 The six return and present their reports and nominations for the new apostles. 138:2.1
Sun, just before noon,
Jan 12, AD 27
Jesus ordains the twelve apostles, the second six being, Matthew Levi, Thomas Didymus, the twins James & Judas Alpheus, Simon Zelotes, and Judas Iscariot. 140:0
Sun, Jan 19, AD 27 Jesus and the twelve depart Bethsaida for Jerusalem by way of Pella, Amathus, Bethany, and Jericho. 141:0
Sun mrng, Apr 6, AD 27 Jesus arrives at Jerusalem with his twelve apostles. 141:9
Apr AD 27 Jesus and the apostles work in Jerusalem while spending evenings in Bethany. 142:0
end of Apr AD 27 When opposition in Jerusalem becomes pronounced, Jesus and the apostles go south to work in Bethlehem and Hebron. 142:8
first days of Jun AD 27 They return to Jerusalem to instruct and comfort believers.  They stay primarily in tents pitched in Gethsemane park. 142:8
end of Jun, AD 27 Jesus and company depart north from Jerusalem amid opposition. 143:0
first half Aug AD 27 The apostolic party make headquarters at the Greek cities of Archelais and Phasaelis. 143:1
Sept & Oct AD 27 Jesus works quietly with his apostles on the slopes of Mount Gilboa at the borders of Samaria and Decapolis. 144:0
around Oct 1, AD 27 Conference begins "at the Gilboa camp between the apostles of Jesus and the apostles of John..." 144:6
latter part Dec, AD 27 Jesus receives a final message from John the Baptist. 144:8
evening Jan 8, AD 28 John is executed by order of Herod Antipas. 144:9
Jan 12, AD 28 Jesus is told about the death of John. 144:9
mrng Jan 13, AD 28 Jesus, the apostles, and twenty-five disciples make their way to Capernaum. 144:9
Wed Mar 17, AD 28 Jesus returns to Capernaum with the apostles. 147:0
Mon Mar 29, AD 28 A Roman soldier with great faith asks Jesus to "speak the word where you stand and my servant will be healed."  His servant, Mangus, is soon completely restored to health. 147:1
Tue, early mrng
Mar 30, AD 28
The apostolic party depart for Jerusalem by way of the Jordan valley. 147:2
Fri, April 2, AD 28 The party arrives in Jerusalem; establish headquarters at Bethany.  
Second Sabbath
in Jerusalem
John brings Jesus to a hot spring called Bethesda that was believed to heal the sick.  To the afflicted gathered there, Jesus speaks "words of good cheer and eternal comfort..." 147:3
Second Sabbath
in Jerusalem
Jesus discusses the "admonition to 'do to others that which you desire others to do to you.'" 147:4
last week in Apr AD 28 Jesus and the twelve head "back to Capernaum by way of Jericho and the Jordan." 147:6
Sabbath Six Sanhedrin spies confront Jesus about his apostles breaking the Sabbath. 147:6
around noon, Monday
May 3, AD 28
Jesus and the twelve arrive at Bethsaida by boat. 147:7
evng, Tue, May 4 AD 28 Jesus is again confronted by spies who are confounded by his words. 147:7
afternoon, Fri,
Oct 1, AD 28
At a gathering in the Zebedee home, Jesus heals a paralytic man while the spys watched.  Soon after, the spies are recalled by the Sanhedrin.  Only the spy leader and two associates return to Jerusalem.  Three remain and confess faith in Jesus. 148:9
From May 3 until
Oct 3, AD 28
Jesus and the apostles reside in Bethsaida at the home of Zebedee for "the longest settled and well-organized period of the Master's teaching." 148:0
Second Sabbath before
Oct 3, AD 28
Jesus speaks in the Capernaum synagogue and later heals a man's withered hand in response to a challenge by spying Pharisees proclaiming, "It is lawful to do good to men on the Sabbath day."  148:7
Sun, Oct 3, AD 28
Dec 30, AD 28
The second public preaching tour of Galilee.  Jesus, the twelve apostles, 117 newly recruited evangelists, and others participate.  They visit Gadara, Ptolemais, Japhia, Dabaritta, Megiddo, Jezreel, Scythopolis, Tarichea, Hippos, Gamala, Bethsaida-Julias, and many other places. 149:0
Dec 30, AD 28 In response to David's messengers, the various preaching groups assemble at the Zebedee home. 149:7
Sun evng, Jan 16, AD 29 Abner and John's apostles arrive at Bethsaida to begin a conference with Andrew and the apostles of Jesus. 150:0
Sun evng, Jan 16, AD 29 Jesus announces, "On the morrow we will set apart ten women for the ministering work of the kingdom." 150:1
Tue, Jan 18. AD 29 The twenty-four apostles of Jesus and John are joined by around 75 tested evangelists. 150:0
Fri, Mar 4. AD 29 For the first time in his public ministry, Jesus returns to Nazareth along with his disciples. 150:7
Mar 10. AD 29
Jesus with his preaching and teaching groups return to Bethsaida.  Jesus begins using parables to teach the multitudes.  151:1
Sun, Mar 13, AD 29 Jesus and his diciples cross the Sea of Galilee for a respite from the throngs.  They encounter a strong gale. 151:5
Mon, Mar 14, AD 29 Amos, who suffered from periodic insanity, is restored by Jesus to his right mind. 151:6
 Tue, Mar 15, AD 29 Jesus returns to Capernaum.  
Tue, Mar 15, AD 29 Veronica of Caesarea-Philippi touches the Master's garment and is healed of her illness by her faith.  (Not the conscious act of Jesus.) 152:0
Sun mrng, Mar 27, AD 29 Jesus and the twelve depart for a rest on the eastern shore of the Galilee. 152:2
Wed, Mar 30, AD 29
In a supernatural ministration, Jesus multiplies loaves and fishes to feed 5000 people.  He refuses the multitude's desire to make him king.  Later that night, Peter has a night vision of the Master walking on water. 152:2
Sun, Apr 3, AD 29 Jesus and the twelve head for Jerusalem from Bethsaida by way of Gerasa and Philadelphia. 152:7
late evening
Apr 6, AD 29
The group arrives at Bethany, near Jerusalem. Jesus enters Jerusalem only on the day of the Passover feast.  The apostles discover rising bitterness toward Jesus. 152:7
Sun, Apr 24, AD 29 Jesus and the apostles leave Jerusalem for Bethsaida by way of Joppa, Caesarea, Ptolemais, Ramah, and Chorazin. 152:7
Fri, Apr 29, AD 29 They arrive in Bethsaida.   
Sabbath, Apr 30, AD 29 Jesus speaks at the Capernaum synagogue for the last time. 153:0
Apr 30, AD 29 Representatives of the Jerusalem Sanhedrin urge Herod Antipas to arrest Jesus.  Herod refuses since Jesus rejected the proposal to become king. 154:0
Sabbath, May 7, Ad 29 "...lowest ebb in the tide of popular regard for Jesus and his teachings." 154:1
Sun, May 8, AD 29 In a usurpation of authority, the Jerusalem Sanhedrin bans Jesus and his followers from all synagogues in Palestine.  All synagogues comply, but Hebron, which refuses based on congregational autonomy.  Fire soon destroys Hebron synagogue. 154:2
May 18, AD 29 Herod agrees to let Sanhedrin seize Jesus and bring him to Jerusalem for trial on religious charges pending concurrence of the Roman ruler of Judea. 154:3
near midnight
May 21, AD 29
With no objection from Jerusalem civil authorities, Herod signs a decree allowing officers of the Sanhedrin to arrest Jesus. 154:3
Sun, May 22, AD 29 Jesus, his apostles, and the twelve evangelists begin a hasty flight from the Sanhedrin officers.  They make their way to the Phoenician coast. 154:7
  Notable events yet to be chronicled in this summary are the death, resurrection, and appearances of Jesus; the resurrection of the sleeping survivors; and the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth.  
AD 39 Herod Antipas reign ends. 121:2.10
AD 40 Matthew's remembrances are added to his disciple Isador's record. 121:8.6
AD 40 Matthew leaves Jerusalem to preach. 121:8.6
AD 47 Luke, physician of Antioch, begins to follow Paul. 121:8.8
AD 67 Simon Peter dies. 121:8.3
AD 68 The Gospel by John Mark (and Peter) is complete. 121:8.3
AD 70 Isador escapes Jerusalem for Pella with Matthew's notes. 121:8.7
AD 70 Investment of Jerusalem by the armies of Titus. 121:8.7
AD 71 Isador writes the Gospel according to Matthew. 121:8.7
AD 78 Cedes makes a brief record which became a source for Luke. 121:8.9
AD 90 Luke dies before finishing “Acts of the Apostles.” 121:8.8
AD 101 Nathan begins the Gospel of John with John's encouragement. 121:8.10
AD 416 Matthew's original record is destroyed in the burning of a monastery in Syria. 121:8.6
AD 1434 On Jerusem, the Michael memorial is completed. 46:5.19
AD 1439 Michael is personally present on Jerusem for the memorial temple's dedication. 46:5.19
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