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Whoever you are, thank you for producing such a great website to help us learn the complicated, multi-layered information in the Urantia Book.

It is the best thing I have found to explain it. I put this book down 19 years ago because it just overwhelmed me, and I was already burned out by the New Age side-trip. Now it’s coming back to my attention in a whole new context, and I know I must tackle it. Onward through the fog! (of my brain and all this info!)...

Thank you again for this great service you have provided. I believe soon the day may come when we will all be looking for a crash course in the Urantia Book. We will of necessity seek understanding of our place in the Universe, embrace the fact that a friendly, organized Universe exists outside our planet, and question where we fit in it an what our goals should/could be.

Your website will be a shining beacon and guide for all those seekers. I know it is for me.


This is amazing !

Thanks !!


Magnificent!! Helpful!! Profound!! Useful!! I shall refer many to this "charting" of the Master Universe.



I'm so impressed with your site. It is appealing to the eyes and reasonable to the mind. You really have out-done yourself.

Thank you for such a wonderful resource. I go to your almanac frequently for information. And I strongly encourage others too.


Thank you for your service in the time and effort you put into the evolving Master Universe Almanac. I have every confidence that this work will stand on the record of the ages to come as a positive contribution to the outworking of the greater mission of the Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth to Urantia.


I've always appreciated the Master Universe Almanac.  It's like a Book of Lists for the Urantia Book and I consider it one of the most unique and useful tools for Urantia Book studies.

This just a note to say I greatly appreciate the work.  Thanks a lot for having it online.


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Brilliant! Thank you!

An amazing amount of work, concentration, and comprehension must have gone into this!

UB Wonderful website!

Love the quote about intelligent assembly of data. No recall of that gem. Makes me think of Edward Tufte's Beautiful Evidence. Always something new in the book, isn't there?

thank you for your view


Fantastic job


Thank you. Well done.

This is wonderful! I bookmarked it and will visit often.

Excellent!! Thank you!!!


Fantastic! I can't wait to explore it.

Absolutely a must, to first time readers and benefit to all readers...


Editor's Note: The comments about the Almanac are appreciated and encouraging for the work. They demonstrate the thirst for projects that reflect clearly what the papers say with a minimum of interpretation.

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