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Qualifications of Human Candidates
Facts of Interest to Volunteering Adjusters
1. Intellectual capacity Is the mind normal? What is the intellectual potential, the intelligence capacity? Can the individual develop into a bona fide will creature? Will wisdom have an opportunity to function?
2. Spiritual perception The prospects of reverential development, the birth and growth of the religious nature. What is the potential of soul, the probable spiritual capacity of receptivity?
3. Combined intellectual and spiritual powers The degree to which these two endowments may possibly be associated, combined, so as to produce strength of human character and contribute to the certain evolution of an immortal soul of survival value.

"With these facts before them, it is our belief that the Monitors freely volunteer for assignment. Probably more than one Adjuster volunteers; perhaps the supervising personalized orders select from this group of volunteering Adjusters the one best suited to the task of spiritualizing and eternalizing the personality of the mortal candidate. (In the assignment and service of the Adjusters the sex of the creature is of no consideration.)"

Paper 108  Mission and Ministry of Thought Adjusters
Section 1  Selection and Assignment
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Adjuster Bestowals Prior to Spirit of Truth Arrival [1]
Influences and Conditions for Indwelling
1. The assignment of personal seraphic guardians
If a mortal has not been previously indwelt by an Adjuster, the assignment of a personal guardian brings the Adjuster forthwith. There exists some very definite but unknown relation between the ministry of Adjusters and the ministry of personal seraphic guardians.
2. The attainment of the third circle of intellectual achievement and spiritual attainment
I [2] have observed Adjusters arrive in mortal minds upon the conquest of the third circle even before such an accomplishment could be signalized to the local universe personalities concerned with such matters.
3. Upon the making of a supreme decision of unusual spiritual import
Such human behavior in a personal planetary crisis usually is attended by the immediate arrival of the waiting Adjuster.
4. The spirit of brotherhood
Regardless of the attainment of the psychic circles and the assignment of personal guardians--in the absence of anything resembling a crisis decision--when an evolving mortal becomes dominated by the love of his fellows and consecrated to unselfish ministry to his brethren in the flesh, the waiting Adjuster unvaryingly descends to indwell the mind of such a mortal minister.
5. Declaration of intention to do the will of God
We observe that many mortals on the worlds of space may be apparently in readiness to receive Adjusters, and yet the Monitors do not appear. We go on watching such creatures as they live from day to day, and presently they quietly, almost unconsciously, arrive at the decision to begin the pursuit of the doing of the will of the Father in heaven. And then we observe the immediate dispatch of the Thought Adjusters.
6. Influence of the Supreme Being
On worlds where the Adjusters do not fuse with the evolving souls of the mortal inhabitants, we observe Adjusters sometimes bestowed in response to influences which are wholly beyond our comprehension. We conjecture that such bestowals are determined by some cosmic reflex action originating in the Supreme Being. As to why these Adjusters can not or do not fuse with these certain types of evolving mortal minds we do not know. Such transactions have never been revealed to us. 
[1]  On Urantia, prior to Pentecost (May 18, A.D. 30)
[2]  ... a solitary messenger of Orvonton ...

Paper 108  Mission and Ministry of Thought Adjusters
Section 2  Prerequisites of Adjuster Indwelling
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Seven Orders of Thought Adjusters  [1]
 Divisions or Classifications  [2]
1. Virgin Adjusters those serving on their initial assignment in the minds of evolutionary candidates for eternal survival. Mystery Monitors are eternally uniform in divine nature. They are also uniform in experiential nature as they first go out from Divinington; subsequent experiential differentiation is the result of actual experience in universe ministry.
2. Advanced Adjusters those who have served one or more seasons with will creatures on worlds where the final fusion takes place between the identity of the creature of time and an individualized portion of the spirit of the local universe manifestation of the Third Source and Center.
3. Supreme Adjusters those Monitors that have served in the adventure of time on the evolutionary worlds, but whose human partners for some reason declined eternal survival, and those that have been subsequently assigned to other adventures in other mortals on other evolving worlds. A supreme Adjuster, though no more divine than a virgin Monitor, has had more experience, can do things in the human mind which a less experienced Adjuster could not do.
4. Vanished Adjusters Here occurs a break in our efforts to follow the careers of the Mystery Monitors. There is a fourth stage of service about which we are not sure. The Melchizedeks teach that the fourth-stage Adjusters are on detached assignments, roaming the universe of universes. The Solitary Messengers are inclined to believe that they are at one with the First Source and Center, enjoying a period of refreshing association with the Father himself. And it is entirely possible that an Adjuster could be roaming the master universe simultaneously with being at one with the omnipresent Father.
5. Liberated Adjusters those Mystery Monitors that have been eternally liberated from the service of time for the mortals of the evolving spheres. What functions may be theirs, we do not know.
6. Fused Adjusters -  finaliters  -  those who have become one with the ascending creatures of the superuniverses, the eternity partners of the time ascenders of the Paradise Corps of the Finality. Thought Adjusters ordinarily become fused with the ascending mortals of time, and with such surviving mortals they are registered in and out of Ascendington; they follow the course of ascendant beings. Upon fusion with the ascending evolutionary soul, it appears that the Adjuster translates from the absolute existential level of the universe to the finite experiential level of functional association with an ascending personality. While retaining all of the character of the existential divine nature, a fused Adjuster becomes indissolubly linked with the ascending career of a surviving mortal.
7. Personalized Adjusters those who have served with the incarnated Paradise Sons, together with many who have achieved unusual distinction during the mortal indwelling, but whose subjects rejected survival. We have reasons for believing that such Adjusters are personalized on the recommendations of the Ancients of Days of the superuniverse of their assignment.

[1]  "Adjusters are individuated as virgin entities, and all are destined to become either liberated, fused, or Personalized Monitors. We understand that there are seven orders of Thought Adjusters, although we do not altogether comprehend these divisions. "

[2]  "There are many ways in which these mysterious God fragments can be classified: according to universe assignment, by the measure of success in the indwelling of an individual mortal, or even by the racial ancestry of the mortal candidate for fusion."

Paper 107  Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters
Section 2  Classification of Adjusters
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Self-acting Adjusters [1]
A self-acting Adjuster is one who:
1. Has had certain requisite experience in the evolving life of a will creature, either as a temporary indweller on a type of world where Adjusters are only loaned to mortal subjects or on an actual fusion planet where the human failed of survival. Such a Monitor is either an advanced or a supreme Adjuster.
2. Has acquired the balance of spiritual power in a human who has made the third psychic circle and has had assigned to him a personal seraphic guardian.
3. Has a subject who has made the supreme decision, has entered into a solemn and sincere betrothal with the Adjuster. The Adjuster looks beforehand to the time of actual fusion and reckons the union as an event of fact.
4. Has a subject who has been mustered into one of the reserve corps of destiny on an evolutionary world of mortal ascension.
5. At some time, during human sleep, has been temporarily detached from the mind of mortal incarceration to perform some exploit of liaison, contact, reregistration, or other extrahuman service associated with the spiritual administration of the world of assignment.
6. Has served in a time of crisis in the experience of some human being who was the material complement of a spirit personality intrusted with the enactment of some cosmic achievement essential to the spiritual economy of the planet.
[1]  "You have been informed of the classification of Adjusters in relation to experience--virgin, advanced, and supreme. You should also recognize a certain functional classification--the self-acting Adjusters."

"Self-acting Adjusters seem to possess a marked degree of will in all matters not involving the human personalities of their immediate indwelling, as is indicated by their numerous exploits both within and without the mortal subjects of attachment. Such Adjusters participate in numerous activities of the realm, but more frequently they function as undetected indwellers of the earthly tabernacles of their own choosing."

Paper 109  Relation of Adjusters to Universe Creatures
Section 2  Self-Acting Adjusters
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Real and Effective Co-operation with Adjusters
You can consciously augment Adjuster harmony by:
1. Choosing to respond to divine leading; sincerely basing the human life on the highest consciousness of truth, beauty, and goodness, and then co-ordinating these qualities of divinity through wisdom, worship, faith, and love.
2. Loving God and desiring to be like him--genuine recognition of the divine fatherhood and loving worship of the heavenly Parent.
3. Loving man and sincerely desiring to serve him--wholehearted recognition of the brotherhood of man coupled with an intelligent and wise affection for each of your fellow mortals.
4. Joyful acceptance of cosmic citizenship--honest recognition of your progressive obligations to the Supreme Being, awareness of the interdependence of evolutionary man and evolving Deity. This is the birth of cosmic morality and the dawning realization of universal duty.
Paper 110  Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals
Section 3  Co-operation with the Adjuster
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Levels of Human Progression
(Seven Psychic Circles)
Growth Variables in the Conquest of Levels
1. Adjuster attunement The spiritizing mind nears the Adjuster presence proportional to circle attainment.
2. Soul evolution The emergence of the morontia soul indicates the extent and depth of circle mastery.
3. Personality reality The degree of selfhood reality is directly determined by circle conquest. Persons become more real as they ascend from the seventh to the first level of mortal existence.

"It is difficult precisely to define the seven levels of human progression, for the reason that these levels are personal; they are variable for each individual and are apparently determined by the growth capacity of each human being."

Paper 110  Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals
Section 6  The Seven Psychic Circles
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Antecedents of the Morontia Human Soul
Factors in Soul Creation
1. The human mind and all cosmic influences antecedent thereto and impinging thereon.
2. The divine spirit indwelling this human mind and all potentials inherent in such a fragment of absolute spirituality together with all associated spiritual influences and factors in human life.
3. The relationship between material mind and divine spirit, which connotes a value and carries a meaning not found in either of the contributing factors to such an association. The reality of this unique relationship is neither material nor spiritual but morontial. It is the soul.

"The midway creatures have long denominated this evolving soul of man the mid-mind in contradistinction to the lower or material mind and the higher or cosmic mind. This mid-mind is really a morontia phenomenon since it exists in the realm between the material and the spiritual. The potential of such a morontia evolution is inherent in the two universal urges of mind: the impulse of the finite mind of the creature to know God and attain the divinity of the Creator, and the impulse of the infinite mind of the Creator to know man and attain the experience of the creature."

Paper 111  The Adjuster and the Soul
Section 2  Nature of the Soul
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