Almanac Contents
From Part I - The Central and Superuniverses
Deity Ascension
Names Given for the Universal Father
Designations for the Eternal Son
Titles for the Infinite Spirit
Meanings of the Word GOD
How the Father Functions Outside of Havona
The Four Absolute Gravity Circuits
Divine Presence in Human Experience
Three Levels of Time Cognizance
Three Functioning Levels of Finite Reality
Ascender Attainments - Central Universe
Mortal Stages of Spirit Realization
The Corps of Mortal Finaliters
Spirit Orders of Glorified Mortals
Personalities 1 Personalities 2
The Seven Master Spirits
Master Spirit Influence
The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups
Supreme Trinity Personalities
Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings
The Paradise Sons of God
The Trinitized Sons of God
Personalities of the Conjoint Creator
Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit
The Messenger Hosts of Space
The Ministering Spirits of Time
Supernaphim Working Groups
Seconaphim Types of Service
Universe Power Directors
Cosmology Orvonton
Paradise Isle Domains
Paradise Holy Area Residences
The Master Universe
Architects of the Master Universe
The Sacred Worlds of the Father
The Paradise-Havona System
Dark Gravity Belts - Ratios
Sources of Confusion for Star Observers
Superuniverse Sectors & HQs
Urantia's Placement in the Grand Universe
The Grand Universe
Superuniverse Level Numbers
Superuniverse Level Contents
Orvonton Designations
Location Relationships within Orvonton
Nebadon's Neighbors
Satania Physical Systems
The Evolution of Nebula
From Part II - The Local Universe
HQ Spheres Beings
Headquarters Spheres in Orvonton
Sizes of Nearby Architectural Spheres
Salvington Spheres
The Seven Primary Melchizedek Worlds
Melchizedek Pilot World Tributary Spheres
Seven Primary Life Carrier Worlds
Jerusem Major Spheres
Expanded Constellation Government
Lanonandek Sons
Expanded System Administration
Jerusem Executive Council
The Four and Twenty Counselors
Seraphic Organization
Transition Seraphim
Levels of Life Carrier Function
Types of Midway Creatures
Energy Mind/Life
Sources of Solar Energy
Universal Nonspiritual Energy Systems
Nature of Matter
Classes of Matter
Waves & Octaves
Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits
Material Mind Systems
Mind Activities
Morontia Mota Parallels
Planetary Physical Types
Planetary Series of Mortals
From Part III - The History of Urantia
Administration Mortal Life
Caligastia 100 -Organization
Midwayer Numbers
United Midwayers
Master Seraphim
Human Rights
Mortal Wisdom
Conditions of Effective Prayer
Evolutionary Religion
Revealed Statements on Cosmology
Religion and Revelation
Thought Adjusters  
Qualifications of Human Candidates
Early Bestowals
Orders of Thought Adjusters
Self-Acting Adjusters
Co-operation with Adjusters
Levels of Human Progression
From Part IV - The Life and Teachings of Jesus
First Century Occident The Ministry of Jesus
Occidental Civilization
Mediterranean Society
Gentile Philosophies
Gentile Religions
Jewish Education Program
The Seven Bestowals of Michael
Young Jesus at the Temple
Twofold Purpose of Michael's Bestowal
Lesson on Material Wealth
Journeys of Jesus Map
Two Ways of World Ministry for Jesus
The Kingdom of Heaven
Women's Evangelistic Corps
Jesus on Magic and Superstition
The Twelve Apostles
The Life of the Master


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